Meeting Needs

The Women’s Foundation of Collier County is deeply committed to supporting and uplifting our senior women, recognizing the strength and resilience of those who have set the stage for future generations.  

One of the Women’s Foundation of Collier County’s pillars is to “Meet current Critical Needs of Senior Women by:

  1. providing funding for homeless programs that identify and assist housing senior women in need, and
  2. addressing isolation issues.”

  The Women Lifting Women’s campaign has been monumental in helping to provide aid to senior women. 

Addressing the Homelessness Crisis

The Women’s Foundation has actively contributed to the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County, highlighting the alarming fact that over 70 senior women faced homelessness in our region. Through collaborative efforts with organizations like the Collier Community Foundation, the Wasie Foundation, and the Naples Woman’s Club, we’ve successfully provided housing for 13 of these senior women. 

Beyond just shelter, our community partnerships have extended vital resources encompassing food, health, and mental well-being.

Life’s unpredictable events, whether it’s a divorce, the passing of a spouse, job loss, or a severe health setback, can lead senior women into homelessness. While these events might be inevitable, the community’s collective action can ensure that these women find safe housing and essential services.

Our Commitment to Senior Women

The Women’s Foundation is dedicated to supporting senior women in overcoming challenges such as homelessness, isolation, and the strains of caregiving. We recognize the significant contributions of senior women to our community and are committed to ensuring their dignity, security, and well-being.

close up of a senior woman

Empowering Through Grants 

With a generous $30,000 grant, the WFCC is spearheading efforts to collaborate with organizations like St. Matthew’s House, Baker Senior Center Naples, Collier Resource Center, and the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County.

Their collective mission? To re-house senior women and offer comprehensive services, ensuring they lead a stable, safe, and healthy life.

Facing the dual challenges of rising housing costs and the impact of Hurricane Ian, the Women’s Foundation’s grant has been a lifeline. Thanks to these funds, we’ve prioritized relocating senior women who once had no place to call home. Every senior woman deserves safety and security, and we’re here to ensure they receive just that. Your support helps us continue this vital mission.

A key aspect of the success of WLW is to focus on the stories of women whose lives have been changed by the campaign.

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