Why the Women’s Foundation of Collier County?

Meeting the Needs of Women and Girls

Women’s funds appear in many settings—public charities, private foundations and funds within community foundations like ours. Surveys revealed that funding for women and girls by the broader foundation community has grown at a faster rate than foundation giving on the whole.  But as a share of overall foundation giving, funding for women and girls has remained below 7.5 percent for more than 15 years. Our interpretation: funders understand the potential for change by investing in women, but awareness that translates into giving must be intensified.

What makes these funds unique? Research has shown women’s funds have developed a unique approach to grant-making that sets them apart from the mainstream in terms of impact and effectiveness.

  • Focus on ‘systemic’ solutions – changes to the policies and systems that shape women’s opportunities in society
  • Invest in women who are poor and pushed to the margins – over 80% of women’s fund grants flow to women and girls with low-income or no income
  • Consist of start-up and venture investors, kick-starting many new community organizations and projects
  • Don’t just give money – they build the leadership, skills and influence of their grantee partners
  • Believe everyone can be a philanthropist, engaging diverse audiences in giving, leadership and decision-making
  • Share a common focus on critical issues including combating poverty and violence, and improving access to healthcare and education

Women’s Foundation of Collier County – Mission and Goals

Mission: To alleviate unmet needs and empower women and girls in Collier County.


 Financial Goals Grantmaking Priority Areas Current Programs and Events
 Increase the WFCC Endowment Fund to $5,000,000 to result in $250,000 in grantmaking  At-Risk Teens Power of the Purse
Sustain a grantmaking level of at least $50,000 each year Basic Needs Women of Initiative Honorees
Engage individuals interested in supporting the unmet needs of women and girls At-Risk Senior Women Junior Women of Initiative

Standing: Kate McGinnis, Karen Ryan, Christine Flynn, Trisha Hare, Kathleen Kapnick, Stacey Herring, Kelly Capolino, Sharon Treiser, Robin Hamilton, Anne Fleming

Seated: Bette Aymar, Bev Cherry, Ann Westerfield, Donna Messer, Jackie Pierce, Brenda O’Connor, Sondra Quinn, Denise Zutz, Jinny Johnson

Not pictured: Sue Dalton

Photo credit: Nick Shirghio Photography

Board of Directors

Bette Aymar Anne Fleming Stacey Herring Donna Messer, Vice Chair Karen Ryan Eileen Connolly-Keesler, President/CEO-CFCC
Kelly Capolino Christine Flynn Jinny Johnson Brenda O’Connor Sharon Treiser
Bev Cherry Robin Hamilton Kathleen Kapnick Jacquelyn Pierce, Chair Ann Westerfield
Sue Dalton Trisha Hare Kate McGinnis Sondra Quinn Denise Zutz