Established with a vision to build a substantial endowment, the Women Lifting Women (WLW) campaign is a testament to collective empowerment and support. It’s about women coming together to uplift other women, ensuring they have the resources, support, and opportunities to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Journey

Born from strategic planning and a commitment to long-lasting impact, the WLW campaign is a significant stride towards raising funds for programs dedicated to at-risk senior women and young women and girls in Collier County. A portion of each donation is allocated to the WFCC endowment fund, ensuring stable, long-term program funding and larger grants to make a more substantial impact.

Stories That Resonate

At the heart of the WLW campaign are the stories of resilience and transformation, made possible by the collective contributions to the Women’s Foundation. Women who previously faced homelessness and adversity now have secure housing and comprehensive support. Immokalee’s young girls have support to escape intergenerational poverty and are empowered to imagine a different future. And, at-risk women have access to scholarships and funding to help them continue their education or provide a safe and healthy environment for their families while they continue their education.

These narratives resonate with our mission, driving our commitment to continue making a meaningful impact.

Our Successes

The WLW campaign has successfully exceeded its first benchmark of $1,089,500 and with the power of collective effort we are on our way of achieving our next goal

  • Phase I Total Raised: $1,184,743 ($95,243 over goal)
  • Phase II Total Raised to Date: $210,172
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Our Commitment to the Future

The WLW campaign is not just about immediate support. It’s about building a foundation for the future, ensuring continuous and stable funding for essential programs and services that uplift and empower women in Collier County. It’s about ensuring every woman and girl has the opportunity to thrive, today and for generations to come.

Join us in this transformative journey. Learn more about the profound impact of the WLW campaign and be a part of the change that uplifts and empowers women in Collier County.

Meet Your Team

Elizabeth Star, Women Lifting Women Chair

Ingrid Aielli

Kristin Cartwright, WFCC Board Member

Bev Cherry

Joan Clifford

Jackie Cronacher

Shelia Davis

Ashley Smith, WLW Pillar II Co-Chair

Lynn Ferraina

Lori Fowler, WFCC Board Member

Ashley Gerry, WLW Pillar II Co-Chair

Trisha Hare

Stacey Herring, WFCC Board Member

Christine Homan

Althea Irving, WFCC Board Chair Elect

Julia Keelty

Souzan Kodad

Linda Koehn

Karen Larson-Murphy, WFCC Board Member

Sue Lennane

Jody Lippes

Simone Lutgert

Sherie Marek

Barbara Melvin

Brenda O’Connor, WFCC Board Chair

Donna Oklak

Linda Orlans

Melanie Sabelhaus

Julie Schmelzle

Lynda Waterhouse

Shirley Welsh

Joanne Wyss

To Learn More, Please Contact

Julie Van Tongeren

Vice President of Development
[email protected]

Eileen Connolly-Keesler

[email protected]

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