In the heart of Collier County, back in 1995, a group of visionary women came together with a shared dream. They envisioned a community where every woman and girl could thrive, regardless of the challenges they faced. This collective dream laid the foundation for the Women’s Foundation of Collier County (WFCC) in 1996.

Under the guidance of the Collier Community Foundation, WFCC blossomed into a cornerstone of empowerment. With unwavering dedication, we’ve ignited transformative change for women and girls through strategic grantmaking, staunch advocacy, and enlightening educational programs. Our commitment has been profound, with over $900,000 funneled into local initiatives championing the cause of women and girls.

Today, we continue the legacy of our founders. Our mission remains steadfast: to nurture a community where every woman and girl can realize her fullest potential. Through grants, advocacy, and awareness campaigns, we amplify their voices, fortify their rights, and spotlight the unique challenges they face, ensuring that the dream of those pioneering women lives on.

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